2019 EdTechX Nigeria Show

The EdTechX Nigeria show has been conceived as an annual event that will provide a platform to showcase and promote Nigerian EdTechX companies and start ups to industry practitioners, while showcasing latest EDTechX innovations and products across the globe.

The EdTechX Nigeria show will also feature EdTechX conference and summit to discuss the future of education in Nigeria building on educational technologies and innovations.

The event will bring together educational institutions, executive level investors, EdTech investors, industry professionals, influencers and international education &education technology  companies.

Major highlight of the 2019 EdTechX Nigeria is the EDTalk by leading education social enterprise innovator.

The 2019 EdTechX Nigeria show will be crowned with the 2019 EdTechX innovator of the year award as part of the 2019 Back To School Awards.

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Do you have a powerful presentation and word for the Educational policy makers and stakeholders in Nigeria. Consider it strong enough for the 2019 Ed Talk Nigeria, email: edtechxshow@backtoschoolexpo.ng